How did I receive this email?

This email was not sent by WarrantyShopping. We do not conduct direct email campaigns. We do not maintain a database that contains your email address. Third party advertisers and publishers are able to offer our services to their own members. In accordance with the Can-Spam Act (2003), any third party advertiser or publisher must have a fully functional opt out link and proper and accurate content as well as correct “From” information in the email.

How can I remove my email address from future mailings?

By submitting your email address below, your email will be added to a suppression list and screened from any future emails. Please note that it may take up to 10 days for your removal request to take effect. Thereafter, you may still receive other emails from the original publisher from which you received the offer. To opt out of any email offers from the publisher, please follow the publisher’s instructions provided within the email. By submitting your email, you also authorize to provide your email address to publishers and third parties to ensure your email is not utilized for future offers. All publishers and third parties are required to compare said suppression list prior to initiating any email campaign. We will make every attempt to ensure that all parties honor this agreement.