Vehicles have become more and more complex over the years. Special computers control most of the critical parts of the vehicle, including the engine and other vital components. Repairing them without extensive training and expensive manufacturer diagnostic equipment is just not a realistic option for an individual, and is even a challenge for the old fashion corner garage. The average new vehicle has over 15,000 parts.

Many people find that having the peace of mind and protection that comes with having an extended vehicle warranty is well worth the cost. For most people it is easier to budget for a smaller monthly payment for a short time, than be hit with a huge unexpected expense somewhere down the road.

Just as you buy insurance on your home or expensive jewelry, an extended vehicle warranty serves as similar protection on your vehicle- which is another large investment. In the event that something does malfunction or break on your vehicle, the extended vehicle coverage can provide the payment directly to the dealership or repair facility to cover the expenses and costs related to a mechanical problem with your vehicle. This helps ensure that your vehicleh is properly repaired and running as expected, and there are no sudden large financial expenses to you.

Many extended warranties also include benefits such as a free rental car while the vehicle is being repaired, roadside assistance, towing allowances, and trip interruption protection which provides money for a hotel and meals in the event that your car breaks down while traveling away from home.

Additionally, most extended vehicle warranties are transferable, so if you are trying to someday sell your vehicle it becomes an attractive feature for a prospective buyer. Or if you eventually trade your vehicle in, the unused portion of the warranty can be refunded to you. You only pay for the coverage that you use.

While hopefully your vehicle never breaks down or ever has a serious mechanical failure, the sad fact is that it is almost certain that at some point there will be a problem. An extended vehicle service contract can help provide you protection and comfort knowing that you and the repairs will be taken care of properly.